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How Can EduBijak Help You?

Transform your SPM revision with our smart AI chatbots.

AI Chatbots Trained With SPM Resources

Dive into a smarter way of revising for SPM. Our AI chatbots are meticulously trained with SPM past-year exam papers and trial exams, ensuring that your preparation is targeted and aligned with the latest exam formats and expectations.

Master Topics With Instant Feedback

Test your understanding with past-year exam questions and get immediate feedback with comprehensive explanations. Ask questions to gain a deeper understanding and learn from your mistakes — all in real-time!

Study Anytime, Anywhere

The EduBijak tutoring platform knows no bounds. Have the flexibility to access our AI tutors whenever you want, wherever you are, with just a single login. You call the shots! 

Lively and Dynamic Study Buddies

Revising for exams can be dry and dull — but it doesn't have to be. From whimsical to grouchy, each AI tutor has its own unique personality that will make learning a highly enjoyable experience. 

Superhumans to the Rescue

We've started with Biology, Physics and Chemistry, but we're not stopping there! Expect to see a lineup of superhumans covering various subjects in the near future. Stay tuned for an even broader learning experience.

Boring Study Sessions? Not Anymore.

Practise past-year and trial exam questions and learn with our interactive AI study buddies.

Say Hi to Your Byte-Sized Tutors

Your dynamic study buddies are ready to solve your problems.


Our Biology bot is warm as Mother Nature and as whimsically enchanting as Luna Lovegood. Embark on a magical journey into life's wonders.


Meet Kimi, our chemistry bot — as grouchy as a chemical reaction. Get ready for some unpredictably interesting interactions!


Fiz is our Physics bot who is as sharp as Sheldon Cooper. Get ready for genius-level interactions as we explore the fascinating world of physics!

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Step #3: Start Exploring!

You're in! You can now start exploring, chatting and practising past-year questions with our SPM AI chatbots. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Need more info? Explore our list of FAQs below.

    EduBijak is an AI tutor service platform and the first of its kind in Malaysia. Our AI chatbots are trained with SPM textbooks and past-year questions, ensuring that your preparation is aligned to the SPM curriculum. 

    Our AI chatbots currently cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We are actively working on expanding our subject offerings, and more subjects will be added to the platform in the future.

    Our AI chatbots are trained with SPM resources, including textbooks and past-year papers, to provide accurate and curriculum-relevant information. Our interactive chatbots will offer detailed explanations as you practise real past year and trial exam questions. You can also ask clarification and follow-up questions if you're not sure of the answers. 

    Absolutely! The AI chatbots are available anytime, making it convenient for you to study and clarify doubts whenever you need.

    No, EduBijak is 100% free to use! There is, however, a limit to the number of questions you can ask each day. 

    You'll first need to register for an EduBijak account. As part of the registration process, an OTP code will be sent to your mobile number. Type in the code to confirm your account and you're all set! 

    EduBijak is currently in its Beta version. As we fine-tune and enhance the chatbots' capabilities, you may encounter some quirks and areas for improvement. Your feedback is invaluable during this phase as we refine the chatbots to better meet your needs and expectations. 

    As EduBijak is currently in its Beta version, you may encounter occasional glitches or find that the chatbots do not respond correctly. We are working hard to minimise these issues. 

    In addition, our chatbots are currently text-only as this format plays to the chatbots' strengths in processing and responding to written information. We are continually working to enhance our service and look forward to introducing further improvements in the future.

    For technical support, please contact our support team at

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